Experience and Services

Environmental Management System

Carol Romero has over 20 years experience in regulating all aspects of the waste industry. This puts her in an ideal position to be able to offer advice and guidance to new and existing waste management facilities, as well as waste producers and carriers, to ensure they manage their waste responsibly and remain within the requirements of complex waste legislation.

Carol can assist with applications for environmental permits for new waste facilities, and for variations, transfers and surrender applications for existing sites, preparing and submitting all required documentation. In addition she can advise on, and apply to register exempt facilities.

Having experience of how the Environment Agency works, Carol is well placed to liaise with planning authorities and the Environment Agency in the early stages of a new proposed waste facility, or in order to obtain approval for amendments to existing operations.

Having been a regulator herself, Carol can assist waste sites to remain compliant with the requirements of their Environmental Permit, or help sites return to compliance when problems or non-compliances have occurred.

Carol can advise waste producers on their responsibilities under the Duty of Care legislation including advice on waste audits, waste carrier checks and transfer and consignment note completion.

In recent years the Environment Agency has increasingly championed the concept of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) which are a structured framework for managing an organisation's environmental impacts - including their management of waste. Carol is able to advise companies on, and produce an EMS which is appropriate for the size, complexity, nature and risks posed by the business. This may include specific requirements such as odour, noise, litter or dust management plans.

Carol has a recognised Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) "Certificate in Wastes and Resource Management" issued by the Waste Industry Training & Advisory Board (WAMITAB). The content of the VRQ has been designed to meet the requirements of Defra and the Environment Agency with regard to 'operator competence' as specified within the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2007.

This enables her to be able to provide a technically competent management service at low and medium risk tier sites such as:-

  • Composting facilities
  • Biological Treatment facilities
  • Anaerobic Digestion facilities
  • Non Hazardous transfer stations
  • CA sites/HWRC
  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • In house storage of waste
  • Inert transfer

In 2014 Carol obtained a WAMITAB Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment. This enables her to mentor and assess candidates undertaking their WAMITAB Technical Competence Operator Competence Certificates.